Monday, June 16, 2014

The Next Software To Be Reviewed: SonoChiro from Le Club Biotope

The next software package to be reviewed, will be: SonoChiro from Le Club Biotope (France).

 The very neat SonoChiro logo

Just the basics, for now:

The software application is called SonoChiro As you can see, from their (Biotope) Website, it is an automated bat species identification software. It is available, in both English and French.

Although it is (currently) focused on European species of bats - I inquired about testing and reviewing it; since I have many Readers from Europe (and the UK). And, I find automated bat ID software fascinating!
I believe that many regular Readers will probably find this application very interesting.  
It seems to have a lot of interesting features! 

Happy bat detecting!

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