Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some Brand-New Developments And Other Misc. Links

Some Breaking News and Other Miscellaneous Bits: 

A brand-new, portable bat detecting solution has just emerged. Made public, only hours ago. It is a joint effort: Between Dodotronic and iAudioApps. Here is a Link to one of several video Introductions.

Elekon has just announced a new Firmware update for The Batlogger! Below, is a paste of the latest e-mail Newsletter:
"Dear batfriends

We are pleased to present you the latest BATLOGGER Newsletter.
Have fun reading.

BATLOGGER M with new positioning module

With the new positioning module, the BATLOGGER M receives now in addition to the GPS also GLONASS satellite signals. This allows to process more satellites simultaneously and the time to the first position determination (TTFF) drops significantly, even in rather difficult reception conditions. The antenna is now completely inside the housing and no longer sticks out.

Software maintenance

In the download section new versions of BATLOGGER firmware (v2.3.3) and BatExplorer software (v1.10.4.0) are available. These mainly include bug fixes and stability improvements."
This is The Changelog for the new Batlogger firmware: 

"Version 2.3
(2.3.3 Released 30.04.2014)
- Fix/Improve interval recording mode
- Monitoring is now disabled per default and volume default is 2
- Respect SD-Card Write Protected switch (some devices only)"
A Link from Bat Conservation International (an article on attracting bats).

Avisoft's USG Player BL Pro  

Still Coming-up: Review of The BatLure from Apodemus!

Followed by the Review of The brand-new Echo Meter Touch

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