Monday, March 31, 2014

Latest News From Elekon! Firmware Update For The Batlogger! And More!

In case you haven't heard - If you're not subscribed to their free Newsletter yet:
Elekon has just released a new firmware update for The Batlogger M, a software update for The BatExplorer software and an important bit of info, for those planning on buying a Batlogger.
Below, is a Paste of the Newsletter, just as I've received it:

I'll be installing both firmware and software updates, and will be reporting my comments here soon... 

-------------------------------------------- Happy bat detecting! -------------------------------------------

Um diesen Newsletter in Deutsch zu lesen klicken Sie hier.

Newsletter March 2014

Dear batfriends

We are pleased to present you the latest BATLOGGER Newsletter.
Have fun reading.

BATLOGGER update package

New firmware, new PC software and new opportunities - The bat season 2014 can begin.
Many improvements and long-awaited features facilitate the management of large amounts of data and allow for additional applications.

The BATLOGGER firmware v2.3 now supports sub-folders, recording schedule can use sunset and sunrise time and large memory cards up to 128GB can be used, to name the most important innovations.

The BatExplorer software v1.10 with call shape detection, improved export functions or assignment of multiple species per recording, enables to quickly and easily analyze lots of recordings. The function, to add or delete individual calls by hand whereas species proposals are automatically updated, simplifies the measurement and determination significantly.

Update your BATLOGGER system now. All you need to do that can be found here.

BATLOGGER M with microphone FG black

From now on the BATLOGGER M is supplied with the weather-resistant microphone FG black. This allows to use BATLOGGER M even more universally. And all this without a price increase, the BATLOGGER M price remains the same.

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