Monday, February 24, 2014

News Update: The Batseeker1 -And- The SM3BAT!

Status Update:

I'm pleased to inform you, that the new Batseeker1 loaner unit has arrived for testing.
Initial impressions: As expected, it's a perfectly sized, little pocket unit. Very portable; the upcoming review will feature some high-resolution photos. I'd also like to point out, from the start - That if you are planning to order a Batseeker1, I would suggest investing in rechargeable NimH AAA batteries & charger. The unit seems to really work best with rechargeable eneloop batteries from Sanyo. The Batseeker1 may also be ordered from

I'm delighted to sound off on the announcement (and release!) of the all-new SM3BAT from Wildlife Acoustics! It looks amazing, and their SM3 Recorder Page details many of the new and exciting features!
I'm also thrilled to report, that I've been promised a trial/loan of one of the very first Song Meter 3 production units for review! More specifically, the SM3BAT!
Wildlife Acoustics have been working very hard, to bring you a new Song Meter 3 platform. And, it's important to keep in mind that the new SM3 is a platform - Which may be ordered with customizations to fit the specific needs of those in the field of Bioacoustics.
Wildlife Acoustics is now accepting orders, on their Website.

And, lastly, I'm overjoyed to declare that Titley Scientific has just announced their brand-new AnaBat Express which is currently available for pre-order from their Website. It looks like I may be reviewing one of these units as well! ...We'll see...

Well, that's all I have to report (for now)...Some might say it's enough to keep one busy for awhile!

Happy bat detecting!

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