Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Ultrasonic Device From Pettersson Elektronik

I was very happy to learn of a New Ultrasonic Device from Pettersson Elektronik.
It's a USB-based ultrasonic microphone called The M500

There will be a new version of Batsound Software released, to run it with. Judging from this small screen-capture, it looks very promising:

Happy bat detecting! 
...And Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi, what do you know about this new petterson, is it better than other versions like de classic petterson d240x ???

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately, at this time I have not had the opportunity to review the new M500. So, I'm unable to provide a comparison.

  3. Well, I've gone ahead and contacted Mr. Lars Pettersson himself. And, he has helped me to realize: That comparing the new M500 to the D240X, is really like comparing apples & oranges.
    There is still a possibility, that I will receive a loaner unit to review. But, in the interim, I'd like to share a small sample of what Mr. Pettersson had to say.
    What follows is only a snippet, of recent correspondence I had with him:
    "...So, it is not possible to directly compare the M500 to a D240X. The way they are used is different. The M500 offers a way of obtaining high-quality recordings at a very competitive price though! Well-designed, low-noise circuitry (including an anti-aliasing filter) and high sampling rate (500 kHz) results in high-quality recordings, comparable to those obtained with a D500X (and better than those of a D240X). In this price range, I think you will find the M500 outstanding in terms of sound quality...."

    I would say that this was very well-explained. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks, i have another question about the device.... how does it works??? time expantion, heterodyne, etc .???
    I am starting in bat bioacustics so i want to know well about these equipments before purchasing one of them.

  5. The M500 uses full-spectrum recording technology. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test or review one. You will find more info, by visiting the Links to Pettersson, listed above.

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