Saturday, November 23, 2013

Update For November -And- Rescue Of An Injured Dog

Well, the cold weather conditions have finally arrived here in Southeastern New York. I've been waiting for some ideal (and "interesting") weather conditions to occur before I set the detector(s) out again.
What type of weather conditions? ...That's easy: The type that have been known to prevent bats from taking flight/foraging, etc. For example - Cold, wind & rain. It's been written that bats won't take flight or forage if:
  • Temperatures are below 60 Deg. F 
  •  It's windy (> 10 or 15 MPH winds)
  •  There is rain or heavy fog present
There's also been some speculation, in re: to the phases of the Moon having an impact on the number of bats detected. It's basically part of what might be called my on-going experiment / "research" - In my case, this translates to: Entries in my Journal(s) as well as the occasional blog post here. It's time to continue my experiment and see what kind of results I get. 

And, of course, there are still a ton of recordings from recent past months which I need to analyze, organize, etc. As I've written before: Winter is a good time to do this!

"In other news" ...As fate would have it: Two of my Nieces rescued a dog that was run-over by an automobile. They saved it's life, by bringing it directly to a 24Hr Animal Hospital. 
Since the Veterinary bills are very high - And, they are college students trying to make ends meet...They set-up a page so that Folks can make a donation, to help. - I'd like to take this opportunity to share the link Here.

Happy bat detecting!