Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Some Random Thoughts And Miscellaneous Items

The final version of SoundChaser Expert is now available. It is version 1.0, from Cyberio.
If you already own an Ultramic microphone from Dodotronic - You may download, and try out the software free, for 15 days. Looks interesting. I like the way it automatically uninstalls the older version before installing the new one - All during the same process. Again, you should have a look at this software, if you are considering the purchase of an UltraMic from Dodotronic.


I discovered an After-market accessory for the Batlogger M from Elekon.

As you may recall, I was a little concerned about keeping the microphone (element) safe and dry, etc. Elekon assured me that the mic capsule is not naturally prone to damage; and that the only thing to watch out for, was water. I was still a little "worried". So, I did some surfing around on e-bay, among other places. I had a feeling that it wouldn't be too difficult to find an inexpensive solution, to set my mind at ease. And, I finally came up with these (to try-out & use on the loaner unit) -

(This is the Seller's photo of the "wind screens")

They are known as " YPA MMW1 Foam Windscreen Windshield for DPA Microphones"
Here is the listing of the item on e-bay. It is a package of 5 foam wind screens - Link

I didn't mind buying these to be used on the loaner. Especially since any that are left over will come in very handy on my DIY microphone projects. It takes some time to slowly stretch one of these, to get it to finally fit onto the Batlogger M's microphone. I'm sure I can slide it down even further - There is more room in the wind shield. In any case, I feel a bit less "nervous" now.

(I believe I could get the foam even further down - For a neater look)


Reading Material - Some Informative Links:

I'd like to share just a few links, to some of the types of documents I like to read. Really great documents: 

Link to an awesome document by Dr. Eric R. Britzke

Link To a wonderful document written by Ian Agranat of Wildlife Acoustics

Link To an older document by Timothy C. Carter

Link Excellent info regarding Indiana Bats, several Authors

 I'll share more great educational links on future Posts...


Kaleidoscope software, from Wildlife Acoustics is now at Version 1.1.4  - And it's ready for download...

Here's another interesting product, from Wildlife Acoustics: Link 

Coming up next:
Will be a review of the BatExplorer software, from Elekon, AG 
A review of the latest ultrasonic device from Avisoft Bioacoustics - UltraSoundGate 116Hnm
(including a short review of some Avisoft software products)
I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences with these products!

Happy bat detecting!


  1. You should test as well

    Excellent hardware and software which automatic class detection.

    Best regards, Thomas

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I have studied this unit a bit. It is very interesting.
    I will contact them (again) - They were very busy the last time I e-mailed them.
    The Batcorder is a new, Version 3 now (I believe). I will need to invest in an Apple computer, though. Well, I'll keep you posted!

    Best regards,