Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Breaking News Regarding Auto Bat Call ID Software: Kaleidoscope

A bit of exciting News - Regarding the Bat ID Software application from Wildlife Acoustics: Kaleidoscope Pro. 

I've known about it for a short time... But, have only recently been given the green light to inform you of the wonderful improvements that have been made to the Kaleidoscope software package! 
For those who are somewhat familiar with it, and for those who have used the 15-day Trial, etc. You will be astonished when you see the awesome improvements that have been made! 
This new Version (Ver. 1.0.11) hasn't been released yet...But, will be made available soon!...And, features are still being finely-tuned, even as I write. 

I must state, that it is simply awe-inspiring. The interface itself looks remarkable!
The oscillogram/spectrogram display screen shows bat calls as a unique combination of white zero-cross type dots, imposed onto bright green (default) full-spectrum bat calls.

I am thrilled to have this new Version (Ver. 1.0.11) and am enjoying it immensely!
Unfortunately, my main Netbook (laptop) has become temporarily inaccessible (quite unexpectedly). ...So...I am currently unable to share all the great screen shots with you at this time. I'm sorry! I am deeply troubled by this!
Rest assured, I will share a bunch of screen shots of this latest version, as soon as I can!

Just a reminder - I'm currently working on several Posts, as per this recent Update.
And, of course The Best Of The Best bat detectors post...

Happy bat detecting!

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