Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Bat Detector Reviews For The Spring Of 2013

The bat detectors that I'll be reviewing, for the Spring of this year (2013) will be:
(in estimated chronological order)

 The LunaBat® DFD-1 From Animal Sound Labs (Poland)

 The Batlogger M From Elekon AG (Switzerland)

 The D500X from Pettersson Elektronik AB (Sweden)

 A new "Mystery" detector (that I cannot mention yet) (Germany)

The Batlogger M and The D500X are both Top-of-the-range (high-end) instruments, which are very well-suited for Professionals. These are precision instruments, that produce outstanding results.

The DFD-1 and The "Mystery" detector may each be considered mid-range units, that are excellent performers for hobbyists, and can even be used by Professionals - As lower-cost alternatives to the higher-priced units. Currently, neither of these instruments have automated processes, recording, etc.; But that is also subject to change... ; )

Happy Bat Detecting!

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