Saturday, February 16, 2013

BatBox Griffin Firmware Update v25

My apologies for not having posted this sooner, but: Just a quick update / Reminder - For Owners of The BatBox Griffin bat detector.

As per BatBox Ltd.'s Site - Firmware update v25 is available for download:

"Please download the latest v25 firmware update here which includes 2 files (0025.fug and FUG 25.doc) and follow the instructions from the Word document. This Firmware update includes Bug fixes to the timer operation when used in unattended mode and the log file data reporting.
Also the unit now reports the name of the last fug update implemented."

Not too much to say about this, really...
Some key points:
Aside from the Bug fixes, and the Firmware screen now displaying the current firmware version; I've also noticed a couple of other things: The overall speed of the unit seems to have improved - Boot-up/Shut down time seems faster, as well as how quickly it toggles between Menu screens & settings. The system's clock also appears to be more accurate than ever (yes, I checked). 

After the upgrade, the Griffin's 'Firmware' screen displays:
(lastfug 25)

And, an example of a typical log (doc/txt file), of an individual recording, is as follows:

Log Rec# xxx...60:
rec_length=00h 00m 2.00s

Happy bat detecting!

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