Sunday, May 6, 2012

Follow-Up Post Regarding Bat Call Software

Follow-Up Post regarding the subject of Bat call analysis software

I have not been contacted by any software manufacturers. Just FYI: This isn't the first time that I've had no response from them. There has been a comment, posted by Mr. Raimund Specht of Avisoft Bioacoustics
Directing our attention to a very thorough software package that he has available -  See Comment Here
I don't really see myself reviewing the (free) Demo versions of these applications, but since Raimund was kind enough to direct our attention to his app, I will install it on this laptop; give it another try, and report my thoughts. I have had the opportunity to use his software in the past (while reviewing his new, compact ultrasound devices). I will say this: It is a very detailed software application!

At this point, I will advise; that if a software package interests you - Simply download & try-out their free demo version (if available) and decide for yourself.

Happy bat detecting!

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