Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Next Detector To Be Reviewed: The Batango From Dodotronic

The next bat detector I'll be testing and reviewing is The Batango From Dodotronic

What I can tell you, is that the Batango is the World's first keyring-size bat detector. Which means that no bat detecting enthusiast ever needs to be without a bat detector handy!
I'm sure you can just imagine the possibilities...
I urge you to check out the Batango link above - A great page. It appears that the Designer has made a substantial effort, to create a thorough representation of this new unit. Very well explained; including a short video (when you scroll to the bottom of the page).

The review sample has arrived, and it is just neat! Of course, I could not resist doing a quick test! - Using a pair of earphones, similar to those used in the Dodotronic video sample. And, for now, I'll just say that this tiny unit is cool!

Stay tuned...

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