Thursday, August 25, 2011

Technical Difficulties - PC Issues

Yes, even the best cared-for PCs can have problems. I ought to know, I was a Senior Computer Engineer for ~15 years (before I became disabled).
Well, despite all that, and having taken all the proper precautions - one of my fully-packed hard drives was "taken down" by a few Trojan horse viruses that got through.Yes, it happens to the best of us (PC Gurus) sometimes. Luckily, I had the old hard drive still handy, and that's why it didn't take me long to get back up and running.
That's the short version...

So, anyway; it got me thinking - This is another reason why I like bat detectors that are pretty much "Self-Contained". A bat detector that either gets connected to an external recorder, for example. Or better yet, one of the high-end units that records (and Plays) utilizing an SD card.
A fairly simple FD or Heterodyne detector, hooked up to a simple digital recorder - Will provide a bat enthusiast, with some (simple) audible bat recordings to listen to (and, share with friends). In fact, that is one of the "methods" that I've been known to use; to have Family & friends get an idea of what bats sound like.

One of my original intentions, was to get a lot more of my bat sonograms up here on the blog. Especially since I never know when I'll lose access to them (like now!). So, I hope to include a fair amount of them in the upcoming Part 3 Of 3 SM2BAT Review.

After using the SM2BAT 192kHz Platform for a while, you'll find that you can easily (and quickly) amass a large quantity of bat recordings. To put it another way: Even though the SM2BAT has been returned to Wildlife Acoustics; I still have LOTS of high-quality recordings residing on SD cards. So, no worries : )

We are about mid-way through the "bat detecting season" here in the Northeastern United States. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! Both here, and abroad!

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