Thursday, June 16, 2011

New version of Dodotronic's Ultramic now available! The 250K

Just a short post here - To let you know that Dodotronic have developed a new, improved version of their Ultramic. In addition to the original Ultramic200K, there is now also an Ultramic250K. As the name implies, this new mic features a 250Khz sampling rate. Both versions are now available, for order from their Website

Happy bat detecting!


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  2. Is it possible to connect the Ultramic to an androidphone and make it work with it or do you need a laptop on the terrain to work with the Ultramic ?

  3. There are many different devices that will work with the Ultramic; but the Android phone isn't one of them. Just about any small computer (Palm-Top PC's, Mini-Notebooks, Netbooks, etc.) with a full-sized USB port will work.
    Recently, I was looking for a solution (just as you are) - Then I ended up buying (an inexpensive) Netbook for myself; and viola!
    Good luck!

  4. Hello,
    My girlfriend bought an ultramic 250k, and it is working very good. Until now she has been able to record bat species which are normally flying relatively high, and are not easy to record. She used her laptop, but she is also looking for a netbook or tablet. So is it true that none of the tablets with android work with the ultramic?
    Would seem a lot easier to have a tablet; smaller, lighter, longer battery.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment, Yes, the
    ultramics have great capabilities. I currently use mine with an inexpensive netbook. I know that they will work on any tablet running Windows. I also know, that they are unlikely to work on most Smart-phones (due to a lack of USB ports).
    But, I'm not too sure about using one on a machine (Tablet, etc.) that runs Android. It would be best to ask Dodotronic.

  6. Hello,
    Yeah, I asked Dodotronic and they responded:
    you can use a tablet with win7 and USB HOST port.
    Unfortunately android desn't support other external microphone so it's not possible to use Ultramic on android operating system but there's another solution that I'm trying to develop: an external device with usb host that uses a specific library and that can reach 170khz of bandwidth. I'll keep you informed about it.

  7. Is it possible to use this mic on a recorder with 3.5 mm jack plug?

    1. Hi Diederik,

      In answer to your question: No, I'm afraid not. It must be plugged into a USB port.


  8. Beware !!!!! Apparently the Ultramic 250k will not work with Seawave or Seapro on PC's running WINDOWS 8/8.1 and the software developer seems unable to give any indication of when or if it will.