Monday, June 27, 2011

Breaking news - Discovery of a new Detector - It looks Awesome!

The next detector reviews, to be posted here; will be of The USD6 from YS Design in Japan. Followed by the (incredible) D240X from Pettersson Elektronik in Sweden.

But, in the meantime, my friend John of the Durham Bat Group recently informed me of a detector I've never seen before. I really, really, like it!
And, I just had to make a quick post, to share. The creator of The ListenUp bat detector has a short video up on YouTube of it: ListenUp Bat Detector

There is just enough info on there, to get Bat Enthusiasts (like me) very excited!
It's a very clever design. And, I really wish that the creator would please sell me one!
I'd open up my piggy bank for one of those (it is that cool!)

Happy bat detecting!

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